Franay owner Gary Wales, with wife, Marilynn,
proudly displays his Best of Show trophy.

Le Cercle Concours d'Elegance
June 6, 1999


Tonight Show host Jay Leno with Franay owner Gary Wales
Grand Classic CCCA - Pasadena, California
July 11, 1999


Gary Wales and the Franay steal another show.
First in Class, Best of Show

9th Annual Ventura All British Day - Ventura, California
July 18, 1999


The Franay steals another show with the "Royce Memorial Trophy,"
and the top senior award: "Best of Prior Best of Show."

RROC 48th Annual Meet - Dana Point, California
August 21, 1999


A terrific luncheon provided by Rolls Royce Motors, Ltd.
From left to right: Edward, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu; J. W. Colin,
director of Santa Barbara Concours; Marilynn Wales; Gary Wales;
David Brown; Robert Gathercole, godson of W. O. Bentley;
The Honorable Jonathan Montagu, with lady friend.

Pebble Beach, California
August 28, 1999


Franay owner Gary Wales (left) receiving the Montagu trophy
from Edward, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

Santa Barbara Concours d'Elegance
Santa Barbara, California
September 5, 1999



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