August 1991
Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance
First in Class
French Cup

August 1991
Rolls Royce National Meet
Best of Show

September 1991
Santa Barbara Concours d'Elegance
First in Class
Chairman's Award

September 1991
San Diego Concours d'Elegance
First in Class
Best of Show

October 1991
Newport Beach Concours d'Elegance
First in Class
Runner up Best of Show

December 1991
Essen Motor Show - Germany
Special Display

Spring 1992
British Day - Balboa Park
People's Choice (Top Award)

April 1992
Santa Anita Concours d'Elegance
Best of Show
Brace Award

April 1992
C.H.V.A. Concours d'Elegance - Balboa Park
Best of Show

May 1992
Hillsborough Concourse d'Elegance
First in Class (99.75 points)

May 1992
The British Meet - Ventura
First in Class
Best of Show

June 1992
Silverado Concours d'Elegance
First in Class
Most Exotic

June 1992
Deer Park Concours d'Elegance
Pride of Excellence
(Second Best of Show)

June 1992
Milestone Car Society Concours d'Elegance
Best of Show
People's Choice

July 1992
Le Cercle Concours d'Elegance
Most Elegant

Year 1993
Blackhawk Museum - Danville, California
On display through Novmber 1994

December 1994
Retromobile National Car Show - France
Featured Display

February 1995
Centre International de L'Automobile Museum
Major Display - Paris, France

June 1995
Hurlingham, England
Best of Show
Spectator Trophy

September 1995
Concours Automobiles Classiques
Louis Vuitton - Bagatelle
Connolly Award

May 1997
Rolls Royce and Bentley Parade
Guinness Book of World Records

Lead Car for Bentleys
Newport Beach, California

July 1997
Classic Car Club of America
National Judging Award

First Place

August 1997
Rolls Royce Motors - Pebble Beach
People's Choice

June 1998
Concours d'Elegance on Rodeo Drive
Second in Class
Mequiars Award
(Most Outstanding Paint Finish)

October 1998
The Louis Vuitton Classic
at Rockefeller Center

One of Fifty Cars Selected to Exhibit

February 1999
"The 100 Greatest Cars"
Selected for inclusion in the
upcoming book by Dennis Adler,
to be published for the millennium

March 1999
Two-month Extensive Re-restoration
Extensive detailing returns the Franay
Bentley to top Concours condition

April 1999
RROC Picnic With The Ponies
Best of Show - Post War
People's Choice Award

May 1999
Annual Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance
First in Class
People's Choice Award
Best of Show

May 1999
Muckenthaler Concours d'Elegance
The Muckenthaler Award

June 1999
Le Cercle Concours d'Elegance
Best of Show

June 1999
British Wings & Wheels
Museum of Flying Santa Monica

First in Class
Best of Show

June 1999
Chosen to be Poster Car for the upcoming
Santa Barbara Concours d'Elegance
in September 1999.

July 1999
Grand Classic CCCA
First Place - Senior Division
(with a score of 99.75)

July 1999
9th Annual Ventura All British Day
First in Class
Best of Show

August 1999
RROC 48th Annual Meet - Dana Point , CA
Royce Memorial Trophy
Best of Prior Best of Show
(Top Senior Award)

September 1999
Santa Barbara Concours d'Elegance - CA
The Montagu Trophy

At Present
Franklin Mint Precision Models
A limited number of collector-quality
replica 1947 Franay Bentley models
is currently in production

Year 2000
The first all European Concours d'Elegance
at Schloss Schwetzingen

The chosen Poster/Program Car


Year 2003
Acura - Palos Verdes  Concours d'Elegance
Best of the Best class of the past 10 years of Palos Verdes Best of Show Cars

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