As featured in the February 2005 issue of the Robb Report.
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The Bluetrain's story is among the more remarkable automobile tales around.
Seven years in the making, the Blutrain was constructed in a 13th century
 country mill in southern England by devout craftsmen.  A master wood-
worker and violin maker by trade, found and used a stately Ash tree,
 hewn from a manse in Devon (and carefully seasoned), for the structural
wood in the body. Next, he selected the finest burls with which to
enliven the interior. All marvelous elm wood from a single cured tree:
grain matched, and inlayed with mother-of-pearl and fine silver.
 What an instrument indeed!!

From the raw power of the 6 1/2 litre supercharged engine and
the 5 speed overdrive transmission, to the finer gentlemanly
 appointments of the interior, no expense was spared.  It is
fitted with genuine Bentley and Rolls parts from boot to bonnet. 
 A fabulous combination of raw power and comfort.

Although it is proudly reminiscent of the classic motor cars of old,
 the Bluetrain boasts the smooth ride of more modern touring cars.

 The Bluetrain enjoys power steering, power brakes, adjustable
suspension, there are even twin radiators on board to support
the air conditioner.  Even in a 100 degree weather, going 80
mph on a long journey, the air conditioner can run at full blast
without a concern for watching the temperature gauge. This
car runs as cool as the other side of the pillow.

The Interior is truly meant for gentlemanly style and is fitted
 with two matching liquor cabinets. Each features antique crystal
decanters. Everything imagined for your touring comfort.

The Bluetrain sports an award on its maiden show. You can't beat that!

(US dollars)  

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